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MUSCLE AND SPINE MASSAGE DEVICEWITH INTERCHANGEABLE ENDS,BODY MASSAGE GUNMassage Gun is a professional model of a massage device.Perfect for a gift (birthday, name day, Christmas, Santa Claus ...).At a promotional price.The device is used for myofascial massage. It is perfect for people who take up recreational physical activity, as well...


Massage Gun is a professional model of a massage device.

Perfect for a gift (birthday, name day, Christmas, Santa Claus ...).

At a promotional price.

The device is used for myofascial massage. It is perfect for people who take up recreational physical activity, as well as for athletes and in physiotherapy offices.

Muscle massage, massage of the spine area, massage of joints and areas around the bones, point massage, body relaxation.

The best battery on the market: this body pistol massager is equipped with the best 2400mAh lithium-ion battery on the market, which will allow you to work up to 4 hours with the massager on a single charge. You can check the battery status in real time thanks to the indicator with LED diodes.

Three operating modes: three-speed speed control allows you to adjust the massager operating mode to individual needs. To warm up the muscles, relieve muscle pain and activate muscles, reduce tension - choose lower working speeds; increase to higher speeds for larger and stronger muscle groups.

Top-quality workmanship and unforgettable ease of use: this body massage device has an ergonomic handle that minimizes external vibrations, and the durable silicone non-slip pad ensures a secure, comfortable grip.

24V DC brushless motor and double bearing gear ensure high power and low noise.

Four types of massage head: the choice of a massage head provides a comprehensive massage experience and an individual approach to each part of the body.

The 6 heads available in the set mean that everyone will find something for themselves, massaging different parts of the muscles.

Types and purpose of the heads

1. Forks - a tip made of hard plastic, designed to work on narrower and long muscles (eg spine extensor, quadrilateral back, gastrocnemius). It also works well in the treatment of tissues around the Achilles tendon, where it allows you to work on the tissue bypassing the tendon. The rounded ends of the tip make the tip smoothly slide over the body and accurately reach the muscle groups for which it is intended.
2. Projectile - the most precise of all tips. Made of hard plastic and designed for trigger points (swellings on the muscle tissue that cause pain, often radiating to other areas of the body). It accurately reaches the most difficult muscle groups
3. Flat T and D - made of hard plastic, it is suitable for working on small and large muscle groups. It provides very good contact with the body, allowing it to reach deeper tissues. It is also useful when working on more tense and compact muscle parts, such as the four-head muscle of the thigh or the greater pectoral muscle.
4. Round - the most universal of all tips, made of durable foam that does not deform. A head designed to massage all parts of the body and used for superficial work of moderate intensity.
5. Silencer - Sensitive areas, or areas near the bones
Myofascial massage is the most modern concept in the therapy of musculoskeletal disorders. The latest research shows the importance of the fascia as a structure that transfers the forces and tensions that occur in our body.

What do we want to get through myofascial massage?

We work with tissue layers to loosen them, lengthen them or release them from unnecessary tension. Importantly, such a massage offers a wide range of applications and ... the effect after the first treatment.

The presented item is the best and most effective device for vibrating massage, thanks to which you will be able to relax tense muscles after exhausting training and accelerate blood circulation, at the same time accelerating the regeneration of the body, improving efficiency and well-being.

The device is ultra-light (0.96 kg) and extremely compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Thanks to 3 levels of vibration intensity, 6 tips (included in the set) designed for specific purposes and muscle groups, effectively reach those muscle parts that cannot be reached by rollers and massage balls.

1. Battery strength indicator
2. Vibration strength switch
3. Battery charge status
4. 2400mAh Li-ion battery
5. Charging socket
6. On / off switch
7. Replaceable tips (6 pcs.)

Level 1 - 1800 / min, Level 2 - 2400 / min, Level 3 - 3200 / min

6 pieces of tips:

ball - massage of large muscles,
flat - relaxation of the whole body
forks - around the spine
small ball - smaller muscles, point massage
cone - joint massage
muffler - areas near the bones
Massage gun
Massage tips 6 pcs.
Instructions in Polish
Rubber for tips 4 pcs.
Convenient and solid case for storage



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