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TECHNICAL DATAVoltage: 24VLi-Ion battery capacity: 2.2Ah / 3.0AhCutting width: 13mmCutting length: 400mm (16 ")No-Load Speed: 2400rpmMatching battery models: 5838, 5837Compatible charger model: 5840NO BATTERY AND CHARGER (available at other auctions)INCLUDED :Blade guardSafety coverADVANTAGES OF CORDLESS SHEARS:A well-kept hedge, no hard work! The hedge trimmer enables you to quickly shape shrubs,...
Voltage: 24V
Li-Ion battery capacity: 2.2Ah / 3.0Ah
Cutting width: 13mm
Cutting length: 400mm (16 ")
No-Load Speed: 2400rpm
Matching battery models: 5838, 5837
Compatible charger model: 5840

NO BATTERY AND CHARGER (available at other auctions)

Blade guard
Safety cover

A well-kept hedge, no hard work! The hedge trimmer enables you to quickly shape shrubs, box trees, and hedges both small and large with minimal effort on your part.

Ease of use: This model of hedge trimmer has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

Comfort of use: low weight, streamlined shape and ergonomic handles guarantee comfortable work for both right-handed and left-handed people when trimming smaller and shorter hedges. The optimally balanced head enables a comfortable position at low cuts and comfortable maneuvering.

Quiet operation: these quiet hedge trimmers make garden work a pleasure without straining the hearing of the operator and bystanders.

Precise cutting: The laser-cut blade guarantees quick and easy cutting without annoying jams and the need to take breaks.

Short charging time: charge this model of garden shears in just one hour! Remember: the battery and charger are not included with the scissors - buy them separately at other auctions!

The most powerful screwdriver battery on the market! For this model of garden shears, you can buy a reliable lithium-ion battery. This battery is lightweight and has no memory effect, and has the highest energy density and capacity in relation to weight and volume. The electronic controller will not allow the battery to over-discharge. You will find the battery at other auctions!

Safe charger: the charger for the scissors is equipped with a microprocessor controller, which ensures automatic adjustment of both the charging current and voltage to the current battery demand. You can buy the charger at other auctions!

High level of safety: To make this model of garden shears as safe as possible, we have equipped it with a blade guard, safety guard and double brake.
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